GEP: What Makes It Great (Sourcing SolutionMap Fall 2020 analysis) [SolutionMap]

GEP is a source-to-pay (S2P) suite provider that also offers managed services, including full BPO and transformation services. The combination of these individual capabilities from a single provider, especially as they become increasingly synergistic, makes GEP a true standout in the procurement technology space.

The SolutionMap Fall 2020 release reinforces this position, putting GEP in top functional and customer scoring positions. The company scored in the top quadrant — as a value leader — of the SolutionMap in nearly every category. But one area in which its unique combination of technology and supporting services stood out in particular our Sourcing SolutionMap.

So where does GEP stand out most and help “set the bar” in sourcing, and why should this matter for procurement organizations? Let’s delve into the SolutionMap benchmark to find out where GEP is great.

“What Makes It Great” is a recurring column that shares insights from our SolutionMap updates for subscribers to SolutionMap Insider content and PRO analysis. Based on both our rigorous evaluation process and customer reference reviews, each brief offers quick facts on the provider, describes where it excels, provides hard data on where it beats the SolutionMap benchmark and concludes with a checklist for ideal customer scenarios in which procurement, finance and supply chain organizations should consider it.

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