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Digitate: Vendor Analysis — Overview of analytics solution, roadmap, Digitate competitors, tech selection tips, analyst summary

04/22/2021 By

Digitate was founded as the product arm of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) back in 2015 to provide its consultants and services personnel with the tools that the market just wasn't providing them — specifically, the opportunity identification and program monitoring that most of its customers were missing from their source-to-pay suites.

Looking at these platforms, Tata noticed that their customers typically had the tools they need to "do" sourcing and procurement, but not the ones needed to identify the best, or hidden, opportunities, and definitely not the ones to identify which sort of controls they should put in place to ensure goals are met and risks are averted.

So they developed ignio Cognitive Procurement, a monitoring analytics platform backed by data science that can be used by organizations to analyze spend and supply. This platform is capable of identifying not only traditional spend analytics-based opportunities but also more non-traditional opportunities hidden in the supply chain, like late deliveries, high returns, high-risk payments, missed (safe) early payment opportunities and other issues.

Said another way, while more traditional spend analytics vendors allow you to “slice and dice” your data, Digitate gives you a battle ax that’s meant to cut through the hardest data problems you can throw at it.

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis provides an overview of Digitate and its solution for data science-backed analytics across source-to-pay. It explores the concept behind Digitate and how that fuels the platform, application and supporting services that the vendor delivers. This post also includes a look at Digitate’s competitors and key analyst takeaways on strengths and weaknesses.

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