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Coupa vs. GEP: Procure-to-pay (P2P) head-to-head technology evaluation and comparison

05/12/2021 By

The procure-to-pay (P2P) marketplace holds a wide net of solution providers that offer their own unique take on P2P. Within this group, Coupa and GEP are two of the best representatives. In our SolutionMap comparison of P2P solutions, both have attained analyst (functionality) scores for years that surpass suite vendors and other specialists alike.

But what exactly differentiates the two vendors, and how do each one’s relative strengths factor into customer shortlist creation and ultimate selection?

Join us in this unfiltered SolutionMap results analysis from our Spring 2021 dataset to find out.

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Here’s a preview: In several P2P categories — which include catalog management, receiving, and payments and financing — Coupa comes out on top, with particular strengths in areas that tend to drive end user adoption for e-procurement and streamlining of invoice-to-pay processes. But in at least one other, GEP provides an impressive counterblow with a superior score, and in sum approaches the P2P process from a broad, holistic perspective incorporating supply chain and financial planning consideration.

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