Webinar: Samsung shares a sourcing transformation journey

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On June 8th, we will be hosting a webinar with multinational electronics organization Samsung and sourcing optimization and intelligent automation solutions provider Keelvar. Samsung will be taking us on a journey of transformation of their transportation sourcing, highlighting how Keelvar worked with them to address their needs, understand their processes and provide ongoing support. They will also discuss the outcomes achieved and the next steps to further enhance the transformation.

Moderator Jenny Draper, Spend Matters GM for Europe, will be joined by Radu Panciuc, Contracts and Innovation Manager at Samsung Electronics and Jennifer Sikora, VP of Marketing at Keelvar, to explain how Samsung identified an opportunity to transform their transportation sourcing through a combination of upgraded technology and process improvements.

Strategic sourcing has emerged as a key area for modernization and digitization within the wider procurement transformation initiatives that have been deemed essential in recent years for many mid-size and large companies. Together the two firms will explain:

  • When to consider sourcing optimization in your modernization plans
  • How Samsung evolved its sourcing automation following an internal sourcing benchmarking study
  • The outcomes of Samsung’s transportation sourcing optimization and automation
  • The opportunities for sourcing optimization to be found across all spend categories (direct, indirect, packaging, and so on)

Transportation doesn't need to be a complex sourcing category

What makes transportation services a sourcing complexity, is that it spans all modes of transportation — ocean, air and ground — and involves many business requirements and variables for buyers. This, coupled with the need for both large-scale, network-wide domestic and global bids that occur annually, and the more frequent regional spot bids that react to market changes and disruptions, make it a process that requires agility.

By introducing AI into the equation, which is learning and improving all the time, you arrive at intelligent automation of that process. Keelvar’s no-code Intelligent Sourcing Bots are purpose-built for their assigned spend category and use AI and Machine Learning to improve over time, simplifying what could be a very complex process. But as Alan Holland, CEO of Keelvar explains, nothing exemplifies the benefits better than a real-world story, which you can listen to in this upcoming webinar:

"Time-to-value is a critical ROI metric for many procurement and sourcing teams, and as this webinar and case study will feature, sourcing optimization can deliver strong, measurable transformation benefits in very short order. It's important to hear these real-world, proven examples of how sourcing events can be launched quickly, often in a matter of days, and then supplier award scenarios analyzed efficiently, thanks to modern user experience design and automation."

We look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday 8th June at 4 pm CEST / 3 pm BST time / 10 am Eastern (US).

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If you are interested in putting together a business case for a new sourcing solution, you can download a complimentary copy of Keelvar’s “Buyers’ Book” which includes a practical checklist for evaluating criteria when comparing sourcing tool providers.

And if you need to make the case for transportation sourcing optimization you can download this datasheet to gain in-depth details about how Keelvar helps customers using all modes of transportation (ocean, air, ground).

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