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SAP Ariba: Procure-to-Pay Vendor Analysis (Part 3) — In-depth P2P solution details, analyst summary

06/02/2021 By

In this Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis series on SAP Ariba’s procure-to-pay (P2P) solution, Part 3 provides an in-depth solution overview — looking at the platform, e-procurement, AP automation, the SAP Business Network, analytics and more. It concludes with an analyst summary.

For organizations evaluating procure-to-pay solutions, the decision process is about far more than considering features like requisitioning, ordering, invoice processing and payment approvals. More likely than not, buyers of P2P are evaluating a range of business, technical and enterprise IT strategy factors in addition to what the tool “does.” This means that getting a full accounting of the underlying platform and the larger solution strategy is key to making an informed P2P selection.

SAP Ariba exemplifies these considerations perfectly. When organizations are considering SAP Ariba for P2P, they are not just getting a cloud-based set of purchasing, invoicing and payment approval features. They are also evaluating fit to geographic scope, integration into current and potential future IT environments, and of course, the option of accessing a network of more than 5 million suppliers to facilitate multiple business processes.

All of this is why, in this final installment analyzing SAP Ariba’s P2P solution, we go deep on all the details: platform; implementation and support services; e-procurement for indirect, direct and services considerations; global invoicing/AP automation requirements; payment connectivity and financial ecosystem partner options; and underlying P2P analytics.

The previous two parts offered a company background, a SWOT analysis and an overview of SAP Ariba competitors as well as a look at P2P product strengths and weaknesses and tech selection tips.

Further analyses will cover the vendor’s source-to-contract (S2C) offering, as well as a summary look at the source-to-pay (S2P) product as a whole.

Now, let’s dig into the deeper details of the SAP Ariba P2P solution.

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