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SupplHi: Vendor Analysis — Background, solution overview, roadmap, SupplHi competitors/market analysis, customer feedback, tech selection tips, analyst summary with strengths/weaknesses

06/14/2021 By

With the abundance of pure-play solutions for supplier discovery and supplier management that have hit the global marketplace in recent years, one would think that the supplier management market had seen it all. But SupplHi is a new entrant into the space that has found a way to take what may seem like a missed opportunity to many and make it new and exciting to them — and the market.

So why is SupplHi different?

To understand that, we need to understand what the market is. Supplier management is needed for direct and indirect procurement, and it has so many categories that we often call it SXM.

The supplier management product marketplace today primarily focuses on supplier discovery, supplier information management (SIM), and a bit of supplier performance management (SPM) and the services around relationship management (SRM). But that's not the only facets of supplier management. There’s also supplier network management and quality management, an offering that is pretty much limited to a few providers that serve the direct sourcing space.

In other words, while supplier management seems mature, that maturity is primarily in the management of suppliers from an indirect or services perspective. When it comes to direct supplier management that stores deep details on technical capabilities, quality and quality control, engineering knowledge and personnel, compliance and support for regulatory requirements, and the necessary onboarding and validation processes, then the solutions for them are few and far between.

This is where SupplHi is attempting to fill the void.

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