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Public Spend Forum: The challenges small businesses face while searching for public sector resources

06/25/2021 By

Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public buying everywhere. GovShop is its free-to-use global government market research tool for finding and connecting with suppliers. Read more from PSF and GovShop founder Raj Sharma here: Working towards a more open and accessible public sector marketplace – for suppliers and buyers.

This week’s latest from PSF:

The challenges small businesses face while searching for resources on public procurement

It can be difficult to navigate government contracting in almost any country. The breadth and scope of public institutions provides no shortage of opportunity for frustrating acquisition experiences borne from a largely disjointed and fragmented procurement information ecosystem. Small business owners and leaders, perhaps more than any other demographic, understand this. In the recently published Public Spend Forum Barriers to Entry in Government Markets Report, suppliers ranked the complex, costly, and inefficient processes associated with working with government as one of the most vexing obstacles hindering their ability to work effectively within the public sector.

This article identifies the major shortcomings of the current US procurement information ecosystem and underscores the need for more comprehensive and accessible procurement resources, relevant to all administrations — it covers the following themes:

Small businesses need and organized procurement ecosystem

General accessibility remains a challenge

Information depth varies significantly among agencies

Design shortfalls pose major obstacles to user experience

Small businesses need a better way to navigate public procurement

Read in full here.

The Govshop Small Business Resource Center (SBRC) — is a one-stop-shop containing anything a small business would need to know to navigate public procurement in the United States, and beyond.

Search and Match with Suppliers

Connecting government buyers and suppliers through big data and AI gives fast and easy search for suppliers, contracts and codes. You can filter from a comprehensive set of suppliers to shortlist the most qualified ones for your solicitation. You can source talented companies for your next opportunity by accessing their digital capabilities statements for a high-resolution view of emerging, non-traditional and small businesses across markets.

There are thousands of small and emerging companies joining GovShop everyday across traditional and non-traditional markets, create a buyer account to access them.


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