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Onventis: Vendor Analysis, downstream P2P (Part 1) — Solution overview, SWOT, Onventis competitors, tech selection tips

07/07/2021 By

Onventis is a source-to-pay suite provider that Spend Matters is covering in two Vendor Analysis series — procure-to-pay (P2P) and source-to-contract (S2C).

In our initial overview of Onventis’ upstream source-to-contract area (see Part 1, Part 2), we noted that the German suite provider is fully focused on serving the mid-market and that it has rare support for not only indirect but also services and direct sourcing needs.

Today’s two-part brief completes the overview with a high-level survey of downstream P2P capabilities, which includes functionality for e-procurement and invoice-to-pay/AP automation. In the future, we also plan to provide deeper comparative analysis of Onventis based on its performance in our SolutionMap benchmark, in which Onventis is participating for the Fall 2021 update.

Part 1 will include background information on Onventis, a short solution overview, a SWOT analysis, a look at Onventis’ competitors and tech selection tips. Part 2 will focus on Onventis' P2P solution strengths/weaknesses, take a deep dive into its solution capabilities and offer an analyst summary.

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