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Archlet: Vendor Analysis — Solution overview for sourcing, roadmap, Archlet competitors, tech selection tips, analyst insights

09/07/2021 By and

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis provides an overview of Archlet and its sourcing optimization solution.

Direct procurement employees are walking on a tightrope to keep production moving. Whether faced with a semiconductor shortage or an internal stakeholder taking sudden sick leave, not all roadblocks can be predicted. Procurement professionals are used to rolling with the punches, so selling the implementation of new technical processes on the basis of achieving “quality data,” “optimization” or even savings isn’t always grounded in reality. While these are all valuable offerings, if the technology is a beast that procurement will have to keep feeding in order to reap benefits, at the expense of their time — forget it. The most appealing tools make jobs easier.

E-sourcing providers like Archlet can make procurement easier and faster. Archlet offers a user-friendly, modern interface that includes opportunity analysis, decision optimization, performance evaluation and internal collaboration with SMEs in mind, but with enough power to serve enterprise requirements too. Enhanced by data partnerships with EcoVadis and Mintec, users are provided with heatmaps facilitating faster and more strategic sourcing decisions that factor in sustainability, supplier profiles and commodity price projections.

Here’s why Archlet matters:

  • To the market: Archlet is making award analysis and decision optimization tools more learnable/accessible so that procurement across all industries and sizes can make optimal sourcing decisions.
  • To customers: Archlet provides intuitive, visual analytics derived from authoritative data sources, giving buyers across all seniority levels the ability to evaluative and act on supplier bids in all kinds of categories (i.e., not just transportation) in an efficient manner that is aligned with their larger organization’s objectives.
  • To you: Organizations are adopting technologies like Archlet to become not only more effective at savings but also more risk aware and environmentally and socially responsible, helping to elevate the total procurement value proposition.

This Vendor Analysis explores the concept behind Archlet as well as its platform, application and supporting services. It also offers tech selection tips, discusses Archlet’s competitors and has an analyst summary with strengths and weaknesses.

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