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GreenLight: Vendor Analysis — Solution overview for workforce management, roadmap, customer feedback, GreenLight competitors, analyst insights

09/13/2021 By

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis provides an overview of the freelancer management system GreenLight and its AI-driven worker classification, onboarding and management (EOR/AOR) solution, which also includes compliance and contract management. As a “people-first tech platform,” it takes minutes to use and handles all paperwork digitally while providing mission-critical workforce analytics to stakeholders.

Determining if a worker is an independent contractor or W-2 worker or an employee can be complicated and create significant financial implications if misclassification occurs. In the US, the IRS weights common law factors (behavioral, financial and type of relationship) to determine classification, and “there is no ‘magic’ or set number of factors that ‘makes’ the worker an employee or an independent contractor,” the agency writes on its website.

With GreenLight, there is no magic, but there is AI. Its platform offers an automated system to quickly classify gig workers while addressing each unique client’s needs. With an API-first strategy, GreenLight focuses on a positive user experience, speed, visibility and ease of integration that provides protection and indemnification options while removing the complexity of determining classification. And notably, GreenLight also serves as the employer or agent of record for these companies’ contract workers.

This Vendor Analysis also explores the concept behind GreenLight; the platform, application and supporting services the vendor delivers; a verified customer reference analysis; and a look at GreenLight’s competitors; and an analyst summary with strengths/weaknesses.

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