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Accenture buys Xoomworks: What did it acquire and why?


This Spend Matters PRO research analysis provides insight into Xoomworks, a highly experienced, high-growth London-based procurement consultancy that specializes in source-to-pay technology implementations that was recently acquired by the high-powered consultancy Accenture.

Based on Spend Matters’ recent coverage of procurement services firms that includes systems implementation specialists, strategy/operations consultants, managed services providers (MSPs) and BPO firms, this research post features our Q3 2021 analysis of Xoomworks and what the acquisition brings to Accenture.

As background, the 2021 “Procurement Services Market Landscape Report and Directory” series that has been published so far is available below:

  • Part 1 of the series gives an overview of the survey findings and lists the 34 providers that we’re initially profiling. See the services provider directory to learn more about the providers and a PDF of what specifically they offer.
  • Part 2 details how procurement professionals can use this information, and it gives more information on the six market segments and providers in those segments.
  • Part 3 details the seven S2P implementation providers in the first post on the individual groups.
  • Part 4 details the six regional consultancies and added the PDF profiles to the directory.

This research brief provides background insight into Xoomworks (including firm focus, size, geographic focus, differentiators, competitors, etc.), how it fits into the procurement services landscape and what it brings to Accenture. First, we introduce readers to the services procurement landscape with a process segmentation diagram of firm types, organized by “service types” and “affected resources” (based on procurement operating models), plotting precisely where Xoomworks has carved out its position in the market relative to its peers.

Let’s dive in.

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