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Suppeco: Vendor Analysis — SRM solution overview, roadmap, competitors, tech selection tips, analyst summary

11/08/2021 By

In this Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis, we will give an overview of Suppeco, a new player on the supplier management market (what we call SXM).

We will also highlight, from a practitioner point of view, the “SRM problem” that Suppeco is trying to solve. This post also will detail elements of the solution, looking at how it addresses supplier relationship management (SRM) and how its approaches to SRM differentiate Suppeco from competitors’ SXM solutions. We will then close with our analysis and recommendations.

Here’s why Suppeco matters:

  • To the market: There are many SRM solutions on the market. Many vendors forget what the “R” in SRM stands for. Suppeco does not; its solution offers a configurable framework allowing customers to match the solution to their flavor of SRM and to then delegate some of the tedious work to the tool while their teams concentrate on nurturing these relationships.
  • To customers: Suppeco augments procurement teams that are able to monitor the state of their supplier relationships by structuring SRM into a set of factual and measurable elements. They can focus on what matters, and on what needs to be done to nurture relations and ensure a constant alignment with all stakeholders.
  • To potential buyers: For organizations understanding that SRM is more than a tool, Suppeco is a great fit because it will provide them with a robust framework to objectively manage and measure relationships and transform them into a source of tremendous value.

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