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Insider Report — The most candidate-driven recruitment market ever seen in the procurement tech ecosystem

11/15/2021 By

Twice a year, international procurement and supply recruitment firm Edbury Daley produces its “Procurement and Spend Management Insider” report. It’s the only report of its kind to cover so much ground on the procurement tech, supply chain, spend management tech and consulting recruitment markets. It explains the senior role moves, major market events and trends, changing skillset requirements and demands on solution providers since the last report in spring ‘21.

So if you are in the market to hire outstanding talent in these areas, or indeed you are outstanding talent looking to be hired, then this report is the door to keeping you informed of the equilibrium of this niche market.

As well as market conditions, recruitment moves, trends and predictions, and a special section on consulting, this autumn’s release also has a section dedicated to ESG and sustainability.

An exceptional year for European recruitment

According to this issue, “demand for experienced staff across the European digital procurement ecosystem is remarkably high and growing rapidly, most notably from the software vendors. With supply seriously constrained in a number of countries and different professional disciplines, this is the most candidate-driven job market we’ve ever seen.”

Edbury Daley has been in the specialist recruitment market since the mid ‘90s, so when they say: “We have never seen a recruitment market quite like what we’ve seen so far in 2021,” we know there’s something exceptional going on to make our ears prick up.

The report outlines the geo, political and personal factors that combine to seriously constrain the supply of qualified people in the job market.

In the UK alone, APSCo, the international professional body for the recruitment and staffing industry, announced recently:

  • Permanent vacancies are up 47% year on year and are now above pre-pandemic levels
  • Contract vacancies are up 79.5% year on year
  • Permanent appointments are up 134% year on year and are also above pre-pandemic levels
  • Recruitment companies’ revenues are up 129.5% for permanent appointments and 89% for contract/interim appointments year on year
  • Average permanent salaries are up 2.5% year on year

And this is indicative of the wider geographical market, says Edbury Daley, as demand driven by growth from the established procurement tech vendors and new entrants, many of whom have received significant private equity investment, is the key factor causing the current market dynamics.

“If you also factor in the rapid rise of sustainability as a major topic on the procurement agenda with new specialist vendors gaining traction as a result, as well as the growing use of spend analytics and the increasing digitization of procurement overall, you start to understand what is causing this,” they continue.

This investment is certainly something Spend Matters has witnessed this year, with a plethora of young and interesting vendors entering the market (wheedled down to our Future 5 list) and the development and innovation from existing and more established vendors (see our 50 providers to know lists), it is no wonder talent demand is on the rise.

“Our view is that the unique world of digital procurement and supply chain is a market where these conditions are at their most acute,” confirms Edbury Daley. “The pandemic has moved procurement and supply chain up the corporate agenda like never before and there is clear evidence that this is accelerating the digitization of the function. This is clearly a key factor in the growth of the sector, particularly the increasing headcount driving the demand for people.”

Moves, trends and predictions

To understand more about the state of the market, who the career movers and losers where during the year, take a look at Section 2. It covers not just the big and very established vendors like Coupa, Jaggaer and SAP Ariba, but makes particular mention in the best-of-breed world of Tealbook as an example of a firm taking advantage of market conditions.

“An exciting North American business, Tealbook strengthened its fledgling EMEA business as Mo Ahmad, formerly of SAP Ariba, joined long standing industry specialist Mark Masterson.” Ahmad told Edbury Daley: “The opportunity in procurement is massive. With the analyst focus on best-of-breed and ecosystems, I had already started gravitating towards how ecosystems are creating innovation to further the CPO agenda and augment the suite play …”

Ahmad will lead EMEA alliances and, as the report states: “Given the talk around the market, is likely to be spoilt for choice as other vendors seek to align themselves with the business making a big noise in America.”

So all in all a very buoyant recruitment market with plenty of opportunity for both the seasoned skillsets and young, upcoming talent to the market as more and more vendors partner and innovate.

For more insight into what leaders can expect from their current and future workforce, the interesting occurrences in the consulting world, how momentum is gaining pace in the growing niche market of ESG and Sustainability digital solutions and what to expect from your hiring plans for 2022, you can download the report for free here:

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