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Procurant: Vendor Analysis — Overview of food supply chain tech solution, roadmap, customer feedback, Procurant competitors, tech selection tips, analyst summary

12/06/2021 By

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis provides an overview of Procurant and its perishables supply chain tech solution. Procurant’s vision is to usher in a new level of digital capability to the global food industry.

The perishable goods market is highly variable. Unlike other industries in which buy-side companies utilize procurement technology tools, perishable goods buyers face an additional layer of complexity due to the unique and challenging logistics of the space. In essence, perishable commodities management is the lifespan management of products that slowly decay as soon as they are made, and ensuring that they efficiently and safely reach their stores.

Of course, this complexity goes much deeper; both buyers and sellers need constant coordination with respect to refrigeration, labor and distance. Various governmental regulations are at play, since the products are to be consumed. And, as is the case with many industries, the existing tech stack is dated, based on hard-wired EDI connections, and often supplemented by handwritten notes.

Procurant, on the other hand, hopes to bring a much more agile, digitized, adept and algorithmic approach to perishables management. Procurant offers features that were previously unavailable within the wider perishables management industry, such as mobile applications, the use of blockchain, integrated traceability, IoT integrations and document/picture/video sharing. To date, customers have pieced together different solutions to tackle their problems, but Procurant integrates the perishables management process into one system.

Procurant’s platform, known as Procurant One, offers applications for procurement/order management, task management & food safety, and IoT/data collection. It describes itself as a modern procurement and supply chain collaboration platform for retailers and foodservice operators. In the long run, it hopes to not only add value to the industry through digitization, automation and optimization, but also contribute to safer food, better margins and improved predictability on a traditionally intractable category.

This Vendor Analysis also explores Procurant’s platform, application and supporting services that it delivers. It also includes a verified customer reference analysis, a list of Procurant’s competitors, tech selection tips and key analyst takeaways.

Here’s why Procurant matters:

  • To the market — Procurant offers procurement/order management, task management & food safety, and IoT/data collection applications, providing a P2P solution specific to the food and beverage supply chain.
  • To customers — Procurant customers exist throughout the food supply chain. The customers enjoy Procurant’s emphasis on communication throughout the product lifecycle, the mobile application and the added layer of certainty Procurant provides over traditional alternatives.
  • To potential buyers — Procurant offers potential customers a set of industry-specific applications and capabilities that make sense for such a unique supply chain, and is worth considering as a choice against configured options from generic suites.
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