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Public Spend Forum: Air purification systems and where to find them; new sustainability program

12/10/2021 By

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This week’s latest from PSF:

The importance of air purification systems, what to look for and where to find them — new paper

Research now tells us that Covid-19 is more highly transmittable through airborne particles than through contaminated surfaces. So communal spaces like hospitals, schools and offices pose a high health risk to patients/staff, schoolchildren/teachers and employees/employers, reinforcing the need for better indoor air quality (IAQ) in public buildings.

Public sector bodies (and private businesses) want to comply with clean air quality recommendations, not least for the public good but for more efficient business, including reducing sick building syndrome, absenteeism and generally to maintain the right levels of ventilation and purer air in the indoor space leading to better health of the workforce. While recommendations (and sometimes legislation) are all well and good, the people who are tasked with buying airborne pollutants cleaners need to know what to look for and, frankly, where to start.

We hear repeatedly at Public Spend Forum that buyers tasked with finding specialist equipment are often stumbling at the first hurdle through lack of information about where to find the right suppliers, informed choices and importantly, resource. So PSF has produced a free-to-download paper explaining how air purification technology works and what to look for when procuring it.

Read more here.

New sustainability program for the procurement industry

Global procurement and negotiation platform and training provider, Positive Purchasing, has launched a new sustainable procurement program as part of its core strategic procurement offering. It was created in response to the overwhelming demand from the procurement industry and the growing need for sustainability as companies grapple with how to respond to the many and ever more urgent imperatives to act.

Positive CEO Jonathan O’Brien says: “It’s time for procurement teams to step up and lead because sustainable procurement is now center stage.”

The new program enables organizations to determine a sustainable procurement plan and make meaningful changes in terms of supply-side sustainability. It comprises two new training courses: Sustainable Procurement Awareness – an introductory course that provides an overview of what sustainable procurement is and why it is increasingly essential for organizations to be doing it well; Advanced Sustainable Procurement – aimed at experienced or developing procurement and supply chain practitioners as well as some key stakeholders, covering all aspects of sustainability and sustainable procurement and provides practical resources to implement sustainable procurement within an organization.

More details can be found here


And in other news … 

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Prison ignores public procurement rules, citing ‘security reasons’

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