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In December 2021, Spend Matters PRO analysts highlighted 2 vendors, ‘design for supply’ & supply-chain problems, and 6 providers in the procurement services series

12/27/2021 By

Spend Matters PRO content brings you the deepest and widest variety of analyst coverage of vendors in the procurement technology space, and this monthly post will recap why the vendors and issues covered in December are important.

Each month, our analyst team provides vendor-specific profiles and overviews. Using our SolutionMap benchmark data from more than 65 solutions, we also perform comparative analyses of vendors against each other in our head-to-head columns, or we highlight a vendor versus the SolutionMap average scores in a “What Makes It Great” post. Also, our analyst coverage explores the latest thought-leadership topics about the sector.

In this December roundup, we review our coverage of two vendors (Procurant and Suplari), as well as highlight our latest research series on 34 procurement services providers, including a directory and PDF profiles of the providers, and our four thought-leadership posts on how to best “design for supply” with direct materials technology vendors.

Now let’s pull back the curtain on why this coverage is important.

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