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Nipendo: Vendor Analysis — AP automation solution overview, roadmap, Nipendo competitors, tech selection tips, analyst summary

02/14/2022 By

As Spend Matters PRO analysis of AP automation solutions continues, we have examined Nipendo’s offering, which stands out for its RPA capabilities, its invoice validation process, and its governance and task management features.

Every time Spend Matters reviews a new AP automation solution, we get to see the creativity of the founders and developers. It’s also enlightening to understand where they see the value creation that AP automation affords their customers.

The interesting point is that each vendor has a different vision and approach to cure the pain points of AP, but what makes you think as an analyst is that all of these AP solution providers have to serve so many different types of clients and use cases. There is no one size that fits all, and this review shows how Nipendo takes its own unique approach to addressing common AP automation pain points.

Here’s why Nipendo matters:

  • To the market — It offers a unique approach to AP automation that balances complex integration scenarios with advanced automation capabilities.
  • To customers — Nipendo’s multi-industry experience and proven ability to foster buyer-supplier collaboration make it a fit for many types of AP automation use cases.
  • To potential buyers — Prospects in Nipendo’s target markets will find the vendor suited to tackling complex deployments and automation challenges that vendors of a similar size might shy away from.

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis will give readers an overview of Nipendo’s AP solution, a look at its platform and services, a brief description of its solution functionalities, a glimpse at its roadmap, a description of Nipendo’s competitors and a summary with key analyst takeaways.

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