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Want to learn what the world is doing about resilient and sustainable procurement? Visit eWorld next week

02/21/2022 By

The next eWorld Procurement and Supply event in London is just one week away, but there’s still enough time to book your free place.

eWorld 2022 brings together procurement practitioners, consultants, solution providers and media for a day of keynotes, focused briefings, case studies and networking opportunities, and for the first time in two years you can do this in person at the Grand Connaught Rooms.

Titled “Bouncing Back Better: Building a Resilient & Sustainable Future” eWorld is hosting senior procurement, supply chain and finance executives from organizations across the commercial and public sectors to talk about their learnings, experiences and opinions. Learn about the latest developments in technology, market trends and take part in discussing the hot topics in the world of procurement today.

A ’purposeful’ agenda

As always it will be a packed agenda, with a variety of tracks and sessions, so it’s worth planning your day in advance.

From the outset we’ll hear from Savita Mace, Director at AstraZeneca, askingWill Robots Take My Job? New Skillsets & Career Mapping.”

The session will be an interactive one. Savita will discuss the extent to which autonomous procurement will change the entire sourcing and procurement process and whether we will require any buyer interface in the future.

Following this keynote there’ll be break-out sessions, which appear to have a theme of business resilience, agility and sustainability running through them, so it’s no surprise that one featured speaker will be our good friend and ex-colleague Peter Smith. He’ll be talking about “Procurement with Purpose —from Concept to Implementation.”

Smith will explain what we mean by “purpose.” And if you read his latest book on “how organisations can change the way they spend money now to protect the planet and its people,” co-authored by Mark Perera of Vizibl, you’ll know that in its simplest form he describes this as using “corporate and public sector spend with suppliers to drive wider benefits for the environment, society and the economy, rather than simply supporting the spending organizations’ short-term, internal goals.”

He’ll also give practical advice to procurement professionals about strategy creation and mapping purpose to the different stages of the procurement cycle. It should prove to be a very interesting session on a topic that will resonate right now with the majority of practitioners.

Speaking of colleagues, we will also hear from Spend Matters’ Global Head of Strategic Accounts, Jenny Draper, who will explain how, in your quest to deliver on your organization’s ESG agenda, you can identify the best procurement technology solution provider for your company, your needs and your budget.

She will offer insight into how technology fits into that ‘procurement with purpose’ agenda, how you interpret your ESG mandate and, importantly, how you implement it, offering advice on which vendors have raised their ESG-centric offerings effectively. So another practitioner-focused session backed by real experience and research.

Check out Spend Matters’ 5-step “Procurement Technology Buyer’s Guide” for tech-selection tips.

This is just a glimpse of the wealth of presentations at eWorld this year. There are 25+ diverse topics to choose from including:

  • The drivers of emerging procurement talent: what to look for if you are recruiting and the skillsets and career mapping needed by practitioners
  • The definition, value, benefits, challenges and expectations of supplier diversity in an interactive session
  • The increased threat of cyber risk as criminals exploit vulnerable IT networks in the new way of working — the reality of an attack and how it can affect you
  • How the London Metropolitan Police are targeting spend into the capital’s business and communities for post-pandemic recovery
  • How Europe can get ready for new supply chain due diligence regulations and directives
  • What to expect from your continuous improvement journey post digital transformation —the steps EBRD is taking to drive change, manage expectations and address adoption

If you want to keep up to date with recent developments, both practical and legal, in procurement then eWorld Procurement and Supply is the place to be on Tuesday 1st March 2022 at the Grand Connaught Rooms, London to get:

  • More than 25 cutting-edge sessions on the latest industry issues
  • Practical advice on harnessing the potential of new technologies
  • Face-to-face, in-depth discussions with leading technology experts and suppliers
  • Thought leadership and insight from a range of industry experts
  • First-hand case studies from senior procurement practitioners
  • Peer-to-peer networking

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