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The Arkestro customer experience: What Makes It Great (Sourcing SolutionMap Analysis)

The sourcing solution market has, like many, seen an influx in AI and predictive analytics in recent years. Arkestro (formerly Bid Ops), a young sourcing provider, is partially responsible for this trend. While several sourcing solutions offer advanced negotiation support, integrated bill of material capabilities and integrated KPIs, Arkestro differentiates by taking a holistic approach to anomaly and outlier detection during the sourcing process. The solution catches errors as they happen and visually flags exceptions in the interface.

The foundation for Arkestro’s solution is the unification of data from disparate systems to provide the necessary context for optimal sourcing paths. It empowers users to conduct more events with little to no manual input necessary.

Arkestro was named to Spend Matters’ 50 Providers to Watch list for 2021 and was also a top performer of the Sourcing SolutionMap Fall 2021 vendors.
Functional scores of Arkestro show that it is a solution leader.

As of the Fall 2021 update, the Spend Matters SolutionMap contains functional and customer satisfaction benchmarks on 68 solutions within the procurement technology landscape. But where does Arkestro stand out most and help “set the bar” in sourcing, and why should this matter for procurement and finance organizations?

Let’s delve into the SolutionMap benchmark to find out where Arkestro is great.

“What Makes It Great” is a recurring column that shares insights from our SolutionMap updates for subscribers to SolutionMap Insider content and PRO analysis. Based on our rigorous evaluation process and customer reference reviews, each column offers quick facts on the provider, describes where it excels, provides hard data on where it beats the SolutionMap benchmark and concludes with a checklist for ideal customer scenarios in which procurement, finance and supply chain organizations should consider it.

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