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Understanding the procurement services market landscape (Part 2) — Our view and why it’s different

04/27/2022 By

Right now, there is no one looking at the procurement services area holistically. And because everything is a service, it really does need to be a holistic view. No-one has been focusing intently on the outsourcing market and the pure consultancy players outside of the big BPOs — until now.

Spend Matters is a new player in this area of research and we have a bit of a different take on it born out of our deep knowledge of the procurement tech and vendor space and the need for procurement as a service. “We need to be able to see that beyond the high-end providers, the big BPOs and the big management consultancies, there are systems integrators and niche players partnering with the S2P providers,” says chief research officer Pierre Mitchell. “It’s a market that hasn’t really been unveiled before to help the ‘user’ make sense of the extra value coming out of the smaller players and partner approaches of the big ones.”

So from our recent research into the procurement services market landscape, we have produced a set of knowledge-based materials to help CPOs tap into this complex and vast market. In part one of this article we discovered the drivers for initiating our coverage and why it’s important to procurement. Today let’s look at how we are helping CPOs unscramble the market and structure it into the opportunities that will help them deliver more of procurement as a service. We’ll also take a look at what makes Spend Matters an authority on doing so.

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