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Promena vs Vendorful in SolutionMap: Sourcing head-to-head technology evaluation and comparison

05/25/2022 By

Sourcing providers that target mid-size organizations include Promena and Vendorful — our two contenders for today’s head-to-head analysis that provide very similar capabilities. We know these solutions’ capabilities from doing demos and evaluating their functionality and customer feedback for our Spend Matters’ SolutionMap vendor rankings.

But what exactly differentiates the two vendors, and how do each one’s relative strengths factor into customer shortlist creation and ultimate selection?

In this Spend Matters PRO post, we’ll give readers insights from our detailed Sourcing SolutionMap analysis of Promena and Vendorful.

For readers who are not subscribers to our PRO analyst content, here’s a preview:

When it comes to the SolutionMap functional benchmark, based on aggregate scoring for individual fields within each area:
Promena falls short of the functional benchmark in 14 areas (all but supplier portal); Vendorful falls short of the functional benchmark in 13 areas (exceeds in supplier portal and ties for contracting support); Promena exceeds Vendorful’s score in six categories (analytics, category management, reverse auctions, services, supplier discovery & intel and technology); Vendorful exceeds Promena’s score in seven categories (contracting support, cost modeling, demand management, modern sourcing platform, project/program management, RFX and supplier portal). The providers tie in one category (configurability), neither offers sourcing optimization.

Join us in this unfiltered analysis from our SolutionMap data.

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