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FRDM: Vendor Analysis — Supply chain transparency solution overview, competitors, tech selection tips, analyst summary

06/23/2022 By

In this Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis, we give an overview of FRDM (pronounced “freedom”) a US start-up on a mission to map the world's supply chains and create a marketplace where buyers and sellers can trade responsibly.

FRDM provides a supply chain transparency solution that is affordable and enables customers to quickly understand who their suppliers are, beyond tier-1, to identify risks or gaps and address them. Also, and as mentioned in our mini-series on human rights, the solution increases compliance to regulations pushing for more transparent supply chains and for more due diligence from companies with regard to whom they buy.

This Vendor Analysis gives an overview of FRDM’s capabilities, looks at the competitive landscape, provides tech selection tips and closes with key analyst takeaways.

Here’s why FRDM matters:

  • To the marketFRDM has a slightly different approach to supply chain mappings/transparency focusing on predictive and probabilistic data and BoMs that can enable companies to quickly identify focus areas while minimizing data collection efforts
  • To customersFRDM’s customers benefit from a quick and affordable way to map (part of) their supply chain to identify risks and opportunities for improvements
  • To potential buyersFRDM can be a valuable tool to get started in identifying tier-’x’ suppliers, provided that FRDM has relevant data

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis gives an overview of the vendor’s capabilities, its competitors, provides tech selection tips and closes with key analyst takeaways.

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