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Efficio’s eFlow: S2C Vendor Analysis (Part 2) — Strengths and weaknesses, tech selection tips

07/14/2022 By

In this series on Efficio’s eFlow offering that covers Source-to-Contract (S2C), part 1 offers company background information, a SWOT and a list of eFlow’s competitors. Part 2 provides an assessment of the S2C solution’s strengths and weaknesses and offers tech selection tips, and part 3 provides a detailed overview of each component of eFlow and a final analyst summary.

Efficio’s offering sits at a peculiar place in the S2C landscape. The solution it provides, eFlow, is just one element of Efficio’s broader value proposition. eFlow is, to some extent, the tip of the iceberg, and what keeps it afloat is the extensive experience that Efficio has accumulated over the years with its consultancy offering. eFlow is therefore the delivery mechanism of that knowledge. Also, for Efficio’s customers, eFlow is the linchpin of the transformation it is going through and a means to materialize the outcome of consulting activities. The content and ongoing business support they benefit via eFlow is strongly related to and fed by consultancy.

This strong “symbiosis” between technology and consulting explains, to some extent, eFlow’s strengths and weaknesses, which we highlight in this installment ...

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