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Efficio’s eFlow: S2C Vendor Analysis (Part 3) — Details of solution and analyst summary

07/14/2022 By

In this Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis series on Efficio’s source-to-contract (S2C) solution, part 3 provides an in-depth solution overview and concludes with an analyst summary.

Efficio is in the consulting business that also provides customers with a technological S2C solution, eFlow. The tool is a key enabler for the type of services that Efficio delivers and it also allows procurement transformations to ‘stick.’ This “symbiosis” between technology and consulting makes eFlow stand out in the S2C landscape as most other vendors “solely” provide solutions, the transformation/business content elements being left to their implementation partners for a one-off (mostly technical) projects. So, when looking at the solution’s capabilities, it is important to keep in mind that it is not meant to be a standalone solution but more a delivery channel for consulting/knowledge.

The previous two parts offered a company background, a SWOT analysis, an overview of Efficio’s eFlow competitors, and a look at S2C product strengths and weaknesses and tech selection tips.

Now, let’s dig into the deeper details of the eFlow solution ...

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