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Procurence: Vendor Analysis, 2022 Update (Part 1) — SxM and main new modules overview, market analysis and tech selection tips

07/21/2022 By

Direct materials management has been a hot market for a few years now, and the recent events that induced supply chain disruptions added to the attention that this part of an organization’s spend is getting. By consequence, it also brought solution providers with dedicated capabilities for direct spend under the spotlight. Poland-based Procurence is one such provider. It currently offers a SxM solution that is rapidly growing to cover other processes (sourcing, contract management, order collaboration, cost optimization). Procurence’s solution (Meercat) provides customers with rich features to manage their suppliers and their risk, emphasizing supply quality management and project-based procurement.

The company has its origin in the business side of things and consulting. Ten years ago, the founders evaluated the mid-market solutions and came up with the conclusion that none of them were easy to use or fast to implement. Therefore, they launched Procurence to fill that gap and to serve to foster communication and collaboration between an organization, its suppliers and its customers.

Part 1 of this Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis 2022 update provides an overview of Procurence’s SxM solution (Meercat) based on our SolutionMap insight. It also covers brand new capabilities (not part of Solution Map as the offering is recently launched). We will also look at competitors and offer tech selection tips. Then, in part 2, we will examine the solution’s strengths and weaknesses, provide a detailed overview of each module, and an analyst summary.

The content of this 2-part series comes from briefs and demonstrations provided to Spend Matters by Procurence.

Here’s why Procurence matters:

  • To the market — Procurence has deep capabilities to manage direct spend suppliers that very few competitors are able to match, and it’s extending its coverage to more direct materials areas.
  • To customers — Customers of Procurence are benefiting from a configurable solution that enables them to collaborate in an extended ecosystem (suppliers and customers).”
  • To potential buyers — Procurence has strong direct materials supplier (quality) management. Its rich roadmap also makes it a valuable candidate to evaluate for organizations looking for a suite for direct materials.

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis gives an overview of the vendor’s capabilities, its competitors, provides tech selection tips and closes with key analyst takeaways.

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