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Medius: P2P Vendor Analysis (Part 1) — Company background, P2P solution overview, SWOT, competitors/market analysis

08/08/2022 By

Medius began life in 2001 in Sweden as an AP automation solution; in 2006 it opened offices in Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands; in 2008 in Poland. In 2010 it extended its market to the United States, although continued to be an AP Automation solution for the middle market — a solution that currently continues to have the largest number of customers, as well as revenue. To date, the percentage of clients continues to be much higher in Europe than in North America (14%), and although only a small percentage Medius already has some presence in other territories such as Australia, Russia, Central & South America, Africa and Asia. In 2019 Medius acquired Wax Digital, an S2P solution, whose integration extended the Medius portfolio to a suite of S2P solutions, strengthening its platform.

Here’s why Medius matters:

  • To the market — Medius offers a global full S2P suite platform with strong P2P capabilities with strong presence in the Middle Market segment, and competitive value proposition for the Large Enterprise market segment too.
  • To customers — Medius P2P customers benefit from a robust and unified platform, improving its P2P process automation, controls and insights.
  • To potential buyers — Medius has +20 years of experience in the AP and e-procurement space. Medius offers a full S2P (P2P) solution, although its modules such as e-procurement and AP automation can also be sold as a standalone solution. Medius also works with consulting partners to deliver broader change management programs.
  • In today’s three-part PRO Vendor Analysis series on Medius’ purchase-to-pay (P2P) offering, Part 1 provides a company background and high-level solution overview, gives a company SWOT analysis and discusses Medius’ competitors. The next two parts focus on product strengths/weaknesses and tech selection tips as well as an in-depth look at the P2P solution (platform, supplier portal, e-procurement, AP automation, payments & financing, analytics, and services) along with our analyst summary.

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