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DataServ: Vendor Analysis — AP automation solution overview, roadmap, competitors/market analysis, tech selection tips, analyst summary

09/06/2022 By

As our analysis of AP automation solutions continues, we come to DataServ, an exceptions-based, AI-powered AP invoice automation-solution.

DataServ has been in the business of AP automation for a long time (since 1994) and is well aware of the challenges that AP process automation brings. These challenges have guided DataServ in the development of its platform and value proposition. Its longevity makes DataServ unique in a market that sees new competitors enter every year.

Here’s why DataServ matters:

  • To the market — DataServ offers an intelligent AP automation solution that can handle the complexity of manufacturing and distribution organizations.
  • To customers — DataServ has a team of highly experienced professionals who have been part of the transformation of the AP automation process for more than 25 years.
  • To potential buyers — AP automation is becoming critical for every organization, no matter the size, the market or the industry. Organizations are using more and more smart technologies to improve their processes, and DataServ is promoting that.

In this Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis we analyze DataServ’s AP automation and payments solution. We also offer a look at DataServ’s platform and services, a brief description of its solution functionalities, a competitive market analysis and some key analyst takeaways.

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