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dSilo: Vendor Analysis — AI-based contract and procurement solution overview, roadmap, competitors, tech selection tips, analyst summary

01/18/2023 By

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis provides an overview of dSilo’s contract and invoicing analytics solution. dSilo is a new vendor with an emphasis on AI. As the name implies, its founders’ vision is to literally “de-silo” organizations so they can realize the value in their existing data.

dSilo is currently best categorized as a contract analytics solution which somewhat overlaps with the functions covered by P2P analytics solutions. However, its underlying deep learning AI has a variety of uses. dSilo aims to make sense of unstructured data, correct inaccurate data spend and address market inefficiencies, such as companies struggling to understand what is in their contract portfolio and the contracts themselves.

This Vendor Analysis explores the concept behind dSilo, the solution it delivers and its competitive landscape. It ends by offering tech selection tips and key analyst takeaways.

Here’s why dSilo matters:

  • To the market — dSilo helps companies derive value from their existing data (such as contracts and invoices) through its pre-trained AI models.
  • To customers — dSilo’s no-code platform is extremely customizable and efficient. Customers enjoy the tool’s actionable insights and ease of use.
  • To potential buyers — dSilo is forming a largely unexplored space, one which utilizes spend analytics solutions to trawl through contracts and/or invoices. Companies that aim to gain value out of existing documents and data through AI might consider dSilo over a more traditional contract or spend analytics provider.

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis explains what makes dSilo different from other SaaS procurement vendors, gives an overview of the vendor's capabilities, its competitors, provides tech selection tips and closes with key analyst takeaways.

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