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ORO Labs: Vendor Analysis — Orchestration platform overview, competitors, tech selection tips, analyst summary

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis provides an overview of ORO Labs, a procurement orchestration platform that aims to make procurement easier and more efficient through the use of powerful, easy-to-configure and smart workflows.

At Spend Matters, we have the best vantage point to monitor the evolution of the procurement solutions market. We’ve noticed in recent briefings with both well-established vendors and the latest start-ups that the market is currently very dynamic and the number of solutions is exploding. This means that procurement organizations can find best-of-breed (BoB) solutions. However, the sheer number of BoBs and suites also means the solution landscape has become so complex that it negatively impacts the user experience.

The complexity has inspired an evolution in the market in the form of “orchestration” platforms that are meant to break silos and create bridges between applications, thereby making the complexity less visible or even disappear. ORO Labs’ platform, which is called ORO, addresses this need for simplification with a special focus on the stakeholder’s experience.

Here’s why ORO Labs matters:

  • To the market — ORO is an orchestration platform, which makes it part of an emerging market that aims to provide organizations with a single entry point that is independent from the underlying solutions they use.
  • To customers — ORO Labs' customers have a way to easily configure mini-app-like processes and touch points to efficiently and effectively engage with stakeholders as early as possible.
  • To potential buyers — ORO Labs' solution focuses on bridging siloed processes to improve the experience stakeholders have when working with procurement and to help procurement channel and properly handle even more requests.

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis explains what makes ORO Labs different from other vendors, gives an overview of the vendor's capabilities and its competitors, provides tech selection tips and closes with key analyst takeaways.

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