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oboloo: Vendor Analysis — S2C solution overview, roadmap, competitors, tech selection tips, analyst summary

01/25/2023 By

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis provides an overview of oboloo and its source-to-contract (S2C) solution. oboloo is a new S2C vendor with an emphasis on simplicity that targets SMEs. The solution is designed to deliver key information throughout the procurement process with minimal effort.

oboloo’s founders believed that pre-existing enterprise S2C solutions failed to adequately address the needs of SMEs while also being user-friendly. Therefore, they designed oboloo for any end user; its e-sourcing, contract management, supplier management and savings management modules are all easy-to-use.

Here’s why oboloo matters:

  • To the market — oboloo offers an S2C solution targeted at SMEs that desire simplicity and digestible insights.
  • To customers — oboloo’s user-friendly nature makes implementation rapid and, even though a dedicated internal team is on call, users can self-implement. A 30-day free trial is also available.
  • To potential buyers — oboloo’s S2C solution can address a typical customer’s needs without losing its simplicity. Buyers wary of overcomplicated solutions or tired with providers that overpromised and underdelivered may be a natural fit for oboloo.

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis explains what makes oboloo different from other S2C vendors, gives an overview of the vendor's capabilities, its competitors, provides tech selection tips and closes with key analyst takeaways.

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