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SURVEY: Share your organization’s progress on procurement & Scope 3 with Vizibl’s Quick Insights

Image by A Stockphoto sourced from Adobe Stock

CDP, a leading environmental disclosure system provider, tells us that Scope 3, or “value chain” emissions, for large businesses are usually 11x higher than Scopes 1 and 2 combined. And yet, CDP has recently reported that just 0.4% of companies who disclose through their annual report have credible climate plans in place.

What’s more, with the recent introduction of CDP’s Supplier Engagement Rating, pressure is mounting on large businesses to more effectively tackle the emissions created by their supply chains through engaging effectively with supply chain stakeholders.

However, what we at Vizibl have come to understand from our interactions with procurement professional contacts at enterprise organizations is that the Scope 3 maturity varies wildly across the buying organizations of the world’s largest businesses. That’s why we’re launching our Vizibl Quick Insights survey series with an edition on Scope 3 emissions and inviting procurement professionals to submit a response.

While some feel confident they will reach their supplier emissions targets and have a clear understanding of how procurement will help make that happen, other procurement professionals have limited visibility over corporate strategy surrounding emissions. So, in order to get a clearer sense of maturity across the board on a variety of issues affecting large businesses and their supply chains, we are inviting procurement, sustainable procurement, supply chain and sustainability professionals to complete a short survey to give us a “pulse check” of the market. These will inform a report that will deliver a clear sense of how organizations measure up.

This Scope 3 edition of Quick Insights comprises just nine multiple-choice questions concerned with the people, processes and technology required to effectively deliver on Scope 3 commitments.

Senior procurement leadership can receive a customized report that will enable them to benchmark their views against those of their team and their team’s position versus the wider market. This can be done by adding the code EXECBENCHMARK after the job title in the survey if applicable.

To take the survey and secure access to the results at the end of the polling period, visit Vizibl Quick Insights