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mdf commerce Vendor Analysis (Part 2) — Strengths and weaknesses, tech selection tips

04/26/2023 By

Following the SWOT and comparative analyses we conducted on mdf commerce’s (mdf) sourcing and e-procurement offering in Part 1, Part 2 assesses the solution’s strengths and weaknesses based on both quantitative data gathered through our SolutionMap benchmark and a qualitative analysis informed by our analysts’ expertise. It also offers tech selection tips.

Spend Matters SolutionMap is a benchmark tool that analyzes both the platform and the functional-level capabilities of the solutions and draws on the experiences of their own clients with a customer survey. This is how we identify strengths and weaknesses detailed here in Part 2. Part 3 of the series provides a detailed overview of each component of the mdf sourcing and e-procurement products and a final analyst summary.

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Vendor Analysis