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Blue Burro Technology (DraftOnce solution): Vendor Analysis — Procurement document drafting solution overview, roadmap, competitors, tech selection tips, analyst summary

07/17/2023 By

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This Spend Matters Vendor Analysis provides an overview of DraftOnce, a contract drafting solution by Blue Burro Technology. Unlike traditional contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions, DraftOnce does not focus on the full contract lifecycle. Its sole purpose is document preparation (specifically procurement contracts).

As it is not a full CLM solution, DraftOnce can complement existing CLM systems or, depending on an organization’s needs, replace them outright. DraftOnce is especially helpful for the RFP (request for proposal), as customers can use the solution’s configurable, organization-specific capabilities to simultaneously create a set of documents, e.g., SOW, contract, NDA and instructions to bidders.

This Vendor Analysis explores DraftOnce’s platform, application and the supporting services that Blue Burro delivers. It also gives an overview of DraftOnce’s competitors, tech selection tips and key analyst takeaways.

Here’s why DraftOnce matters:
To the market — DraftOnce is a contract drafting solution with collaboration and repository capabilities targeted at North American companies.
To customers — DraftOnce’s ease of use and admin-level configurability make it a flexible solution that can be tuned to an organization’s particular needs.
To potential buyers — DraftOnce offers flexible pricing options, rapid implementations and services to promote automation and high-quality procurement documents.

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