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Resilinc: Vendor Analysis Update — Supply (chain) risk management solution overview, competitors, tech selection tips, analyst summary

09/18/2023 By


In this Spend Matters Insider Vendor Analysis Update, we give an updated and more complete overview of Resilinc (originally briefly covered in 2022), a solution built to reduce risks in supply chains to make them more resilient.

Supply chains have been the focus of much news in the last few years. Disruption after disruption created shortages that stopped factories and emptied shelves and warehouses. In addition, a slew of ESG-focused regulations came (and will continue to come) into force, requiring companies to understand their supply networks deeply.

All of this explains why organizations need technological solutions to tackle these challenges and, at the same time, increase resilience. This is exactly the purpose of Resilinc. It brings granular and deep visibility into supply networks and constantly monitors and assesses risks associated with the many partners in a company’s supply chain. Customers can map their entire supply chain down to the site, product and part level to gain visibility to act quickly when disruption strikes.

This Vendor Analysis Update provides an overview of Resilinc, looks at the competitive landscape, provides selection tips and closes with an analyst summary.

Here’s why Resilinc matters:
To the market — Resilinc is an established player in the SCRM space with deep risk capabilities that go beyond risk scoring of tier-1 suppliers
To customers — Resilinc’s customers form a control tower that has their supply chain under constant monitoring, an exhaustive risk scoring model and tools to analyze and respond to threats and incidents
To potential buyers — Resilinc has a modular offering focused on ensuring business continuity that has breadth and depth that very few other vendors match

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