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Webinar – The monster insights behind the 50/50 and Future 5 selection process

10/11/2023 By

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The Spend Matters analyst team hosted a webinar ‘Shaping the Future of Procurement: An Inside Look at the 10th Annual Spend Matters 50/50 Lists’ on Tuesday, October 31, 11:00 a.m. EST. It’s been a monster task, and so fittingly the webinar took place on Halloween – look out for some frighteningly deep analysis behind our methodology.

During the webinar, the team shared observations they made of the factors that went into compiling the upcoming 50 Procurement Providers to Watch, 50 Procurement Providers to Know and Future 5 lists. These lists, which have become an annual tradition for Spend Matters, are the result of the months the analysts have spent assessing the capabilities of various procurement technology solutions.

Attendees had the chance to better understand the methodology behind how the analysts determine which companies are worth watching and knowing. Moreover, attendees could see how the factors that have impacted their business have worked on the market more broadly and, in turn, how the broader market has responded.

The discussion asked:

  • What are the boundaries that relative newcomers are pushing, and how are they doing it?
  • How did the leading providers continue to raise the industry standard?
  • What is the environment that informs the impressiveness of a procurement technology start-up?

These are the types of questions the analysts consider when sifting through the procurement technology industry to unearth the 105 companies that are best placed to shape the future of procurement.

In addition to understanding what excellence means in today’s marketplace, attendees had the opportunity to hear the analyst team’s thoughts on what technologies will help a practitioner’s procurement department become more efficient. They learnt how broader technology trends are developing and determine for themselves what technologies are worth their investment.

The conversation gave specific attention to:

  • The rise of Intake Management.
  • The impact of Generative AI on the market.
  • The ongoing debate between purchasing a suite, a point solution or a layering of the two.

The procurement world is constantly changing, which means that moments to pause and reflect on those changes are rare. Take the opportunity presented by Spend Matters to learn what is shaping the future of procurement by listening to the on-demand webinar.

50 Companies to Know 50 Companies to Watch Future 5