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Tipalti: Vendor Analysis, 2023 Update (Part 1) — AP Automation solution overview, market analysis, company SWOT, competitors

10/25/2023 By and

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This Spend Matters Vendor Analysis provides an update on Tipalti, an AP automation specialist that has developed other functions a unified P2P solution usually offers. However, this update does not cover Tipalti’s requisitions and purchase orders capabilities, as we have yet to analyze them.
Tipalti has evolved significantly in the three years since our first analysis. It has developed new capabilities to meet the demands both of its clients and of a new market of solutions that seeks to improve user experience, guidance and adoption, to increase user productivity and to create value to achieve the company's objectives.
This vendor analysis consists of three parts. Part 1 provides an overview of Tipalti’s integrated finance automation solution, a company-level SWOT analysis and a list of key competitors. Part 2 examines the solution strengths/weaknesses and offers tech selection tips. Part 3 delivers a detailed overview of each module and an analyst summary.

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