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Webinar — The future five and the future of procurement

10/30/2023 By

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On October 31, the Spend Matters analyst team hosted a webinar ‘Shaping the Future of Procurement: An Inside Look at the 10th Annual Spend Matters 50/50 Lists.’ Compiling these lists has been tricky, but now the team can treat all attendees with a glimpse of how the future of procurement is shaping up.

A major focus was on the methodology behind how the analysts determine which companies are worth watching and knowing. See all the providers on our lists here.

“As procurement departments are looking to technology for increased efficiency as well as cost savings, providers are using new means to appeal to the market,” Nikhil Gaur, research analyst at Spend Matters, explains. “To help make sense of these developments and the long-term market outlook beyond the hype, we’re pleased to present Spend Matters’ tenth annual ‘50 Providers to Know,’ ‘50 Providers to Watch’ and ‘Future 5’ listees, sourced and calculated by the entire Spend Matters analyst team to represent the best of the technology providers that serve procurement, finance and supply chain organizations … The market can be confident that the providers chosen for these lists are truly the most impressive in the industry.”

Specifically, the team addressed the following questions:

  • What are the boundaries that relative newcomers are pushing, and how are they doing it?
  • How did the leading providers continue to raise the industry standard?
  • What is the environment that informs the impressiveness of a procurement technology start-up?

Attendees left the webinar knowing who is determining the immediate future of procurement and who is likely to have an impact on the further future of the industry. In addition, they learnt the analysts’ takes on the broader factors that impacted the composition of this year’s lists. The conversation will gave specific attention to:

  • The rise of Intake Management.
  • The impact of Generative AI on the market.
  • The ongoing debate between purchasing a suite, a point solution or a layering of the two.

The procurement world is constantly changing, which means that moments to pause and reflect on those changes are rare. There’s still an opportunity to sign up and listen to the webinar to learn what is shaping the future of procurement.

50 Companies to Know 50 Companies to Watch Future 5