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Exiger: Vendor Analysis — Supply (chain) risk management solution overview, competitors, tech selection tips, analyst summary

11/20/2023 By

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In this Spend Matters Vendor Analysis, we give an overview of Exiger, a solution built to reduce risks in supply chains. It offers a comprehensive risk assessment product encompassing various risk dimensions, such as ownership control, operational, financial health, ESG, cyber, reputational, criminal, regulatory and product risk within the supply chain.

Considering the current business climate, organizations need to embed risk management in their practices as they face increasing risk factors and disruptions, such as supply disruptions, rising costs and declining service levels. Exiger enables customers to cover a range of use cases, from risk detection and mitigation to multi-tier supply chain mapping, material price benchmarking, reporting and compliance with legal regulations. Its offering is centered around enhancing visibility, consolidating risk identification, improving access to information, ensuring data accuracy, offering configurable deployment options and enabling multi-tier supply chain forecasting and scenario planning.

This Vendor Analysis provides an overview of Exiger, a look at the competitive landscape, selection tips and an analyst summary.

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