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Omnea: Vendor Analysis — Intake management solution overview, roadmap, competitors, tech selection tips, analyst summary

12/04/2023 By and

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In this Spend Matters Vendor Analysis, we provide an overview of Omnea and its intake management solution.

Omnea is a fairly new vendor in the intake space, looking to solve complex and inefficient procurement processes through procurement automation and centralized intake. The vendor takes a comprehensive approach, focusing on the spend control narrative and offering a unified solution that takes a variety of pain points in procurement and supplier management, most notably helping its customers control third-party spend through automated workflows.

Omnea seeks to simplify the management of third-party spend across categories, removing manual approval workflows and accidental auto-renewals. Its AI-driven recommendation engine resolves issues of spend optimization and supplier oversight through its risk management capabilities.

This Vendor Analysis gives an overview of the services Omnea delivers, a competitive market analysis and key analyst takeaways.

Here’s why Omnea Matters:

To the market — Omnea is part of the current push for intake and orchestration vendors to help solve inefficiencies. On top of offering typical intake capabilities, Omnea has a very user-friendly interface and some SxM capabilities.

To customers — Omnea provides deep visibility into overall request workflows with automatic documentation, providing value from an efficiency, risk and audit perspective.

To potential buyers — Omnea’s automated, configurable workflows and renewal management offers visibility and spend control.

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