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Gatekeeper: Vendor Analysis — Contract lifecycle management and third-party risk management solution overview, roadmap, tech selection tips, analyst summary

12/18/2023 By

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This Spend Matters Vendor Analysis provides an overview of Gatekeeper and its contract lifecycle management (CLM) and third-party risk management (TPRM) solution. A fast-growing provider, Gatekeeper offers an interesting value proposition, combining CLM with native TPRM functionalities, two areas that are often linked but usually addressed with disparate software tools.

Gatekeeper is built to bring disjointed processes to one platform. While CLM and TPRM are usually seen as separate, many organizations use similar tools to achieve both (e.g., email/Excel for requests and questionnaires). Gatekeeper allows customers to use one solution for both end-to-end CLM as well as ongoing TPRM through its Market IQ module.

This Vendor Analysis also explores the concept behind Gatekeeper, the platform, application and supporting services that Gatekeeper delivers, and provides a list of Gatekeeper’s competitors, tech selection tips and key analyst takeaways.

Here’s why Gatekeeper matters:

To the market — Gatekeeper offers end-to-end CLM capabilities with corresponding TPRM features.
To customers — Gatekeeper offers services to customers such as support for legacy contract uploads with AI-based extractions of key terms.
To potential buyers — Gatekeeper offers unlimited users on all of its pricing plans.

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