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Opstream: Vendor Analysis — Intake solution overview, competitors, user considerations, analyst summary

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This Spend Matters Vendor Analysis gives an overview of Opstream’s intake solution.

Opstream aims to revolutionize the way companies buy and manage spending through its procurement platform. With a focus on providing full visibility and control over spending before it happens, Opstream offers a self-service, AI-driven system that caters to cross-functional teams and ensures quick implementation. The platform includes an AI recommendation engine, a no-code approval flow and a vendor management component. Opstream's mission is to change the traditional procurement process by offering configurable, AI-powered solutions.

This Vendor Analysis provides an overview of Opstream, a look at the competitive landscape, tech selection tips and an analyst summary.

Here’s why Opstream matters:

To the market — Opstream’s procurement platform changes how companies buy and manage their spend in a way that is centered on the intake process.

To customers — Companies of all sizes, across various industries, can benefit from Opstream's platform, which offers full visibility and control over spending.

To potential buyers — Opstream's self-service, no-code, AI-driven procurement platform offers a new approach to buying and managing spending, making it an interesting solution for those seeking to streamline their procurement processes.

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