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Supply Risk Solutions: Vendor Analysis — Supplier Risk Management solution overview, roadmap, competitors, user considerations, analyst summary

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In this Spend Matters Vendor Analysis, we provide an overview of Supply Risk Solutions and its solution for supplier (chain) risk management.

Supplier risk management is crucial for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it helps organizations identify and mitigate potential disruptions in their supply chain. Imagine relying on a single supplier for a critical component — if they face a problem, it could jeopardize your entire production process.

Supply Risk Solutions (SRS) was founded in 2007 to address these issues for the semiconductor and healthcare industries. It tracks geopolitical risk, natural disaster risk and financial risk. It handles all supplier communication on behalf of the client and offers a variety of other managed services. It has a network approach in the sense that its main value proposition is to increase network resilience by giving manufacturers a blended mix of technology and services to increase the resilience of their critical suppliers through peer-defined and industry-specific assessments and guidance.

This Vendor Analysis explores Supply Risk Solutions’ the platform, application and supporting services. It also gives a competitive market analysis and key analyst takeaways.

Here’s why Supply Risk Solutions Matters:

To the market — SRS offers a unique blended mix of technology and managed services for the healthcare and semiconductor industries that focuses on increasing the resilience of most critical direct suppliers.

To customers — US healthcare and semiconductor companies and their most critical suppliers benefit from a mutualized and packaged offer to monitor and manage risks.

To potential buyers — SRS focuses on increasing supply chain resilience in the healthcare and semiconductor industries for buying organizations eager to rely on a network effect and ready to invest in increasing resilience of their most critical direct suppliers.

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