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ConvergentIS: Vendor Analysis — SAP P2P Partner solution overview, roadmap, competitors, user considerations, analyst summary


This Spend Matters Vendor Analysis provides an overview of ConvergentIS and its solution for P2P enhancement on the SAP ecosystem.

SAP’s impressive partner ecosystem includes numerous vendors that extend SAP's capabilities. ConvergentIS is one of these partners. It compliments SAP's P2P process by going beyond SAP's standard offerings and delivering advanced functionalities, such as real-time visibility into vendor-specific metrics, flexible service entry sheet submission with integrated contract support and streamlined invoice automation. This comprehensive approach fills critical gaps in SAP's capabilities, improving overall procurement performance within the SAP environment.

This Vendor Analysis explores the concept behind ConvergentIS; the platform, application and supporting services; a verified customer reference analysis and a competitive market analysis, complete with key analyst takeaways.

Here’s why ConvergentIS matters:

To the market — Designed on SAP technology, the solution offers an advantage to SAP users as a P2P add on by streamlining procurement processes and ensuring alignment with their specific requirements.

To potential buyers — ConvergentIS can provide additional P2P capabilities to SAP users, including transparency and efficiency in intake management, vendor collaboration and performance management and procurement processes for complex use cases.

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