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The “New” Coupa: A post-acquisition assessment from Coupa Inspire 2024

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In December 2022, Thoma Bravo acquired Coupa, ending the firm’s publicly funded journey. We predicted at the time that “Thoma Bravo will not change the fact that Coupa delivers top-tier functionality and customer satisfaction for most S2P modular areas, as consistently documented by our SolutionMap benchmark.” This remains true 18 months later, but it is also true that Coupa has since acquired a new CEO, many new executive team members and is changing its messaging around what it offers.

In this piece, we explore Coupa’s new direction, give our impressions of its latest product enhancements and revised go-to-market strategies and detail the opportunities we see for it going forward strategically in a business world and technology market that have become much more complex.

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