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Spend Matters Insider is the only membership community and technology comparison tool of its kind: access to Spend Matters SolutionMap dataset combined with independent, zero pay-to-play, brutally honest coverage of solution providers, market developments and trends affecting procurement, finance and supply chain. Because everyone deserves the truth (and the proof).

Who are the Insiders?

Solution Providers

Insiders push the boundaries of what procurement tech and “digitization” looks like at global organizations — use for competitive intel, product development, education and marketing.

Procurement Organizations

Insiders have access to accurate, trusted, third-party neutral data and customer feedback to make tech buying decisions they’ll never regret — use for shortlists, building a business case and peace of mind.


Fast, accurate market intelligence is the currency of consulting — use for tech trend analysis, partnership research, data sets, market sizing and new vendor discovery.

Types of Membership

All future-looking trends and thought leadership, including vendor analyses and functionality and customer comparisons that fall outside of SolutionMap modules – see sample

Category-specific vendor analyses and detailed technology functionality and customer comparisons by SolutionMap module – see below

Membership Modules: Individual


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Membership Modules: Suite

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