About the Spend Matters 50/50: Providers to Watch and Providers to Know

As part of our online vendor directory, Spend Matters Almanac, we unveiled our 2016 “50 to Watch” and “50 to Know” lists on May 15 at the Institute for Supply Management’s annual conference. The two distinctions should speak for themselves and are designed to speed your vendor research and selection process. The core Spend Matters team (Peter Smith, Pierre Mitchell, Andrew Karpie, Jason Busch, Michael Lamoureux and David Gustin) spent weeks debating about who should be included. Not all decisions were easy, but the result is a useful resource for anyone who wants (or needs) to get smart in a hurry.


Curated by Spend Matters editors and analysts, the Spend Matters Almanac covers software firms, outsourcers, data providers, research providers, consultants, membership organizations, and similar firms that serve the procurement and supply chain market.

More than a simple directory, the almanac will help you find, learn about and connect with potential vendors while accessing Spend Matters vendor intelligence and the latest articles on the companies that serve procurement.

2016-50know-badge-final80px-webThe 50 to Know are all members of the old procurement guard, and, simply put, they’re companies you should have some basic information on at all times.


2016-50watch-badge-final80px-webThe 50 to Watch are some of the more interesting up-and-coming players we’ve seen that we think our readers and members should get familiar with – and some are certainly more established than others.


We’re incredibly excited for the launch of the 50/50 lists and the opportunity to reconnect with many of the firms selected this year at ISM2016.