What People Are Saying About
Spend Matters™ PRO

"Spend Matters PRO provides ideas, insight and thought leadership to the world of procurement and sourcing. Jason and his team have utilized the power of the media to provide knowledge and enlightenment to procurement executives, practitioners and technology and service providers. Spend Matters PRO is a one stop shop of triangulated information."

Mickey North Rizza, Vice President Strategic Services at BravoSolution (former Research Director Supply Chain at Gartner and AMR Research)


"Spend Matters PRO provides thought provoking, forward thinking perspectives on all aspects of the procurement space. With so much change underway in the marketplace, it’s a great resource to keep pace and find new ways to drive value."

Don Fawcett, Vice President Sourcing, Follett Corporation


"Spend Matters PRO is an exclusive and best-in-class resource that Supply Management has been sorely missing. It provides the insights and intelligence that our professionals need to stay ahead and keep their skills sharp. Built on the foundational excellence of Spend Matters blog, this is but a natural progression on what is now the Procurement Powerhouse for unparalleled research and analysis."

Naseem Malik, Director, Global Sourcing at Terex Corporation, CPSM


“Almost eight years ago Spend Matters was born and a major transformation was underway in how procurement experts, consultants and solutions providers interacted and shared best practice. Well, Jason Busch is at it again, and Spend Matters PRO is already revolutionizing how both “practitioners” and “providers” gain the type of insights to successfully navigate today’s complex supply chains and associated requirements. PRO research is deeper and more actionable than Spend Matters before. And as always, you can be sure that the Spend Matters Team will provide you with real unbiased and unvarnished information that can help you sustain and improve your strategic impact to the organization you serve.”

Gregg Brandyberry, Senior Vice President, Market Operations, FedBid, Former Vice President (retired), Global Procurement and Operations, GlaxoSmithKline


"The Spend Matters PRO material is just what I am looking for as an eSourcing practitioner. It has been so difficult to find quality and informed in-depth, independent, information and analysis on what is going on in the market place. An excellent addition to the Spend Matters portfolio."

Steve Lane, eSourcing Manager – Europe – HJ Heinz


SpendMatters has been a great resource for me as a provider and now as a practitioner. SpendMatters has distinguished itself by its timely and objective analysis. Jason Busch and his team raised the bar once again with SpendMatters PRO. The writers have uncanny insight on what practitioners want to know and provide a one stop shop for information and analysis. SpendMatters validated their reputation for building on their positive momentum with the introduction of SpendMatters PRO."

Steve Murphy, Supply Chain Director, Enogex, LLC


"Spend Matters PRO continues the evolution of Spend Matters. At launch, Spend Matters UK was a witty and amusing Procurement based website, but perhaps lacking a little gravitas. Over the course of the last 18 months, the style has evolved into a must read commentary on all Procurement matters, often providing thought leading positions on hot topics, as well as encouraging serious debate amongst top practitioners. PRO takes the evolution further and no one with an interest in Procurement can afford to miss out on the in depth research and analysis that the team provide."

Guy Allen, ex-Group Procurement Director for Abbey, Santander UK, and Fujitsu, ex-CIPS Council member, now Managing Partner, 4C Associates


"The in-depth research and excellent analysis that Jason and the team are up to with Spend Matters PRO on these complex procurement subjects shows significant depth and expertise. The research is invaluable to people in the profession, like me".

Dave Nelson, Chair Emeritus -- ISM, Former VP Global Supply Management -- Visteon, Former VP, Supply Management -- Deere & Company, Former SVP of Purchasing and Corporate Affairs and Board of Directors -- Honda of America Manufacturing