50 Providers to Know for 2016

After months of debate, we are excited to reveal our 50 Providers to Know for 2016.

The Spend Matters 50 Providers to Know highlights firms that continue to lead the charge on new procurement technologies and services driving innovation and changing they way we do business.

Interestingly, the ‘old procurement guard’ has seen some developments in the past 12 months:

  • Some of the most conservative procurement provider organizations are driving innovation in new ways and creating disruptive models from within.
  • The era of procurement managed services providers is here and changing the procurement providers landscape at all levels by blurring the lines between delivering capabilities, technologies, services, compliance, specialized expertise and even outcomes.
  • Supplier content and market intelligence are becoming increasingly important to procurement organizations staying on top of supply markets, enriching supplier records and managing supply risk. Yet some of the oldest names in the sector (and some that made our list in the past) are underinvesting in products and innovation, riding old coattails and milking legacy models. A surprisingly few number of these providers made the cut this year, and we eliminated a number from our 2015 list.

Take a look at the providers our analysts believe are worth considering for your procurement projects:

Why the 50 Providers to Know list?

At Spend Matters, we routinely review the latest procurement technology and service offerings. This uniquely positions us to help you with your vendor selection process. The 50/50 lists are the result of intense debate, discussion and refinement among all Spend Matters analysts, and reflect our unbiased, independent view of the organizations you should know and watch.

This is third year issuing the Spend Matters ‘Providers to Know’ list and it’s never been this competitive and dynamic. Note that the companies on the lists were independently selected by the Spend Matters analyst team based on each provider’s merits.

The Spend Matters Almanac - A leading Provider Directory

The providers on the 50 to Know and 50 to Watch lists will be featured throughout the year in Spend Matters and referenced in the Spend Matters Almanac. The Almanac is a vendor intelligence directory for modern procurement covering more than 24 categories — including our unbiased reviews — and serves as a resource for anyone interested in our view of the procurement service provider landscape.

Visit spendmatters.com/almanac to access detailed provider listings or to add a listing for free.