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Aavenir offers futuristic source-to-pay solutions that provide new transformative capabilities to increase productivity, reduce cost, and drive business value. Built on ServiceNow, Aavenir solutions streamline procurement, legal, & accounts payable work processes using the latest technologies such as AI, ML, and NLP to eliminate manual work, accelerate cycle time, and offer smart suggestions based on historical data.

(1) Aavenir Contractflow - Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Aavenir Contractflow enables enterprises to create and manage enterprise-wide contracts for customers, vendors, employees, or any other types of legal contracts. The solution manages the end-to-end contract lifecycle including contract requests, authoring, negotiations, approvals, renewals, amendments, electronic signatures, and status monitoring.
- Self-service contract creation using templates
- Central, secure contract repository with version control
- Powerful review and approval workflow
- Integration with e-signature, MS-Word, and ServiceNow Apps

(2) Aavenir Obligationflow – Contractual Obligation Management Software

Aavenir Obligationflow enables organizations to discover, manage, and fulfill enterprise-wide contractual obligations that were previously hidden in complex contracts of customers, suppliers, service providers, sales partners, and other parties.
- Import of any type of contract from CLM solution, any system or contract repository
- Extract contract attributes, key terms & clauses, milestones, SLAs, etc.
- Validate and create obligation fulfillment requests
- Monitor status of contract compliance

(3) Aavenir Invoiceflow - Accounts Payable Automation Software

Aavenir Invoiceflow automates invoice data entry, improves payment accuracy, and enables the AP team to optimize working capital by timing payments.
- Extract invoice information from multiple invoice formats received from multiple channels like email, ERP/CRM systems, scanner, or mobile app.
- AI-enabled 2-Way/3-Way validation against POs, GRNs, and contracts
- Flexible invoice processing workflow for AP Team approvals,
- Audit logs, and automated alerts for on-time payments

(4) Aavenir RFPflow – Request for Proposal Management

Request for Proposal Management Software allows easy and effortless RFI/ RFP/RFQ creation using questions’ library and templates. The solutions manage RFP-to-award lifecycle stages by assigning suppliers and stakeholders on a Milestone-based RFP Workflow and send automated alerts and notifications for deadlines.
- Build/Import a reusable vendor RFP/RFI/RFQ questionnaire and assign weightage for repetitive procurements and sourcing needs
- Easy and effortless RFX creation using drag-and-drop pre-built questions or sections.
- Define RFP-to-award lifecycle stages timeline.
- Assign suppliers and business teams on a unified workflow to receive milestone-based task alerts and notifications for deadlines.
- Lets business teams evaluate vendor responses individually.
- Perform comparative supplier evaluation, and award a bid to the most qualified suppliers.

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