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  • Oversight Systems — TCV acquisition, spend compliance intro and sector musings
  • Who made the 50 Providers to Know and 50 Providers to Watch lists 2020?
  • 2020’s top vendors named in new ‘50 Providers to Know’ and ‘50 Providers to Watch’ lists
  • Afternoon Coffee, coronavirus edition: FBI resends alert about supply chain attacks; Find go-to solutions to target fraud; Avetta has tips on getting small business loans; UPS aids healthcare supply chain; TP crisis?
  • CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE: Fraud, P2P and Vendor Management Safeguards — Protecting cash and rapidly vetting suppliers in a crisis [PRO]
  • AppZen: Vendor Analysis — Strengths/Weaknesses, Company SWOT, Competitors, Selection Checklist [PRO]
  • Updated — CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE: Consider These Procurement Technology Solutions to Get You Through the COVID-19 Pandemic (Introduction) [PRO]
  • AppZen – Using AI to audit 100 percent of spend, before you pay